Toad Hall Tiny House In Australia

Toad Hall Tiny House in Australia - what a great name for the loveliest of cottages down under! Located in the city of Blackheath which is west of Sydney, Australia, this darling tiny house has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom in 718 square meters. Everything about Toad Hall is so charming and precious - except... Continue Reading →

Mother Eve Fairytale Tiny House In Utah

At all of 230 square feet, there's not much to her. But The Mother Eve Fairytale Tiny House packs much more personality than her actual square footage would suggest. This Tudor-styled, fairytale-inspired vacation rental is located near Zion National Park, Utah. At first glace it may seem at odds with the dry, arid desert landscape.... Continue Reading →

Funky Tiny House In Millersburg, Ohio

This little gem is full of love and light and homemade stuff. Built by the owners Ron & Sue Corl, this 450 square foot tiny home in Millersburg, Ohio is a delight to behold! The owners did it all themselves using an eclectic patchwork of folksy, rustic elements, and vintage finds. It has a cozy-comfy... Continue Reading →

A Tiny 1840’s Cottage in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Sometimes all you need in life is an old house and a cozy life in 550 square feet. Homeowner David Morales knows this better than most. He bought this 1840's cutie in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from a friend for $18,000. When his friend first rescued the property, it had been abandoned for years. Today, it's an... Continue Reading →

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