Naughty Needlework

Most of these delightfully naughty needlepoints are not truly vintage works - some of them clearly reflect modern sensibilities. For that reason, they are even more fun to look at. Needlepoint, or cross stitch, has historically been used by women to practice their needlework skills and to decorate homes. But contemporary women have raised the... Continue Reading →

Pandemic: The Upside

Since she last posted bemoaning her status as an essential worker, House Crazy Sarah has been transitioned to working from home. This has been a huge blessing. She is still working and earning a paycheck, but all from the safety and comfort of her little old house. There's something about living in an old house... Continue Reading →

In The Time Of Coronavirus

House Crazy Sarah was made for times like these... staying shut in her house, away from all the peoples, hunkered down in her pajamas... It is a dream scenario for us introverts. The problem is, House Crazy Sarah isn't stuck at home like most everyone else. She's still at work.  🙁 Her current job is... Continue Reading →

The Art of Hygge – Or Something Like It

It’s early December and not even technically winter yet but House Crazy Sarah is already whimpering the winter blues. As she was doing her yearly contemplation of a move to southern Arizona, an article in The New Yorker caught her eye. The writer was extolling the virtues of a Danish concept called “hygge” (pronounced hoo-ga).... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Part-Time Vegetarian

House Crazy Sarah is somewhat of a vegetarian. Although she eats a fair amount of salad, she loves to drown salads in cheese. She consumes copious amounts of cheese, and pays for it later when her intestines throw up inside themselves. House Crazy Sarah will even enjoy the occasional burger, but only if it is... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Wallpaper

House Crazy Sarah was well over 35 when she finally read Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s 1892 short story The Yellow Wallpaper. She was on this Victorian women’s chick lit kick so she devoured the little book in one sitting and was left speechless. It was then that it all made sense. The woman in the story,... Continue Reading →

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