House Crazy Sarah Is Now A Resident Of Canada!

Well, she did it.

House Crazy Sarah and her children successfully made the 1,800 mile journey from Colorado to her hometown in Northern Ontario!

vintage Canada poster

A million things could have gone wrong, but they didn’t. The stars somehow all aligned and the Universe cleared a smooth path.

Not that it wasn’t difficult, because it was extremely difficult; physically, mentally, logistically, and every other imaginable way. They were stuffed in a tiny UHaul cab – 3 humans and 2 puppers, so you can imagine the discomfort. And it was HOT. They drove through days of record-breaking heat and the poor AC could barely keep up.

moving cross country with a UHaul truck

And get this: on their second day on the road in the middle of nowhere Nebraska, they saw a horrible accident, which was – and this is the God honest truth – TWO UHAUL TRUCKS FLIPPED OVER ON THE SIDE OF THE INTERSTATE!

Yes, all the contents were strewn dangerously about and some very distressed looking people were standing around in shock as the police were arriving. What a nightmare! Not one, but TWO UHaul trucks were involved in this kerfuffle. What are the chances of that happening? Was it a case of UHaul road-rage? Or perhaps they were caravanning together and one of them popped a flat and caused a chain effect? Maybe the culprit was a sudden micro-burst of wind? We’ll never know. But TWO UHaul trucks flipped over on the side of the highway is not what you want to see when you are driving a fully-loaded 20-foot UHaul truck down said highway.

In any case, that was the ONLY accident they witnessed on their 5 day drive.

The much feared border crossing also went surprisingly well.

US Canada border crossing

The customs officer they got was really chill and he kept saying “sweet!” at how well prepared House Crazy Sarah’s documentation was. Then, when he waved her through after giving her at-home COVID tests, she said “sweet!”

Now House Crazy Sarah and her children and her dogs are in quarantine in Granny’s basement for 14 days so they haven’t been able to see much of Canada yet.

But, she thanks her lucky stars and all the Goddesses in the sky and baby Jesus, the Holy ghost and all that for bringing her here, safe and sound.

Now begins the hard work of re-patriating. That means lots of paperwork and waiting in line at government offices!

But still, she is home.  🙂

Canada poster



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  1. So glad you made it back to Canada. Holding you all in my prayers for all good things to come your way. <3.

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