Big News From House Crazy Sarah

House Crazy Sarah has been keeping a very big secret for a while now.

She is moving to Canada!

As some of you know, House Crazy Sarah was born and raised in Canada but has lived in Colorado for nearly 20 years. It’s also no secret that she has been very homesick, especially with the COVID travel restrictions that have dragged on well over a year.

COVID really put a lot of things in perspective and House Crazy Sarah could feel a primal shift happening within her. Her compass pointed north again.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make – especially because there are kids involved. But House Crazy Sarah wanted her kids to experience a little bit of growing up in Canada like she did, so she thought she had better hurry up and get them up there before they are all grown up and out on their own. Plus, all her family is there and she sure misses them, after having been so far from them for so many years.

House Crazy Sarah will dearly miss her adopted state of Colorado and is very sad to leave the mountains behind. But she also looks forward to being around water again, lots and lots of big water lakes and rivers; she is a water goddess after all, and feels most comfortable and inspired around water.

Not to mention the huge draw of FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE!

But this gigantic change in life trajectory has not been an easy thing to plan. In fact, it has been a logistical nightmare! Moving to another country is challenging in the best of times, but with COVID and all the far-reaching effects of the pandemic, it has been the most difficult thing House Crazy Sarah has undertaken IN HER LIFE.

Sure she has moved around the North American continent, let’s see… three or four times already. But back then she was young and single and care-free!

When she first came to Colorado, it was just her and her suit case.

Now, as House Crazy Sarah is leaving, she has two kids, two dogs, real estate, vehicles, retirement savings, investments, insurances, and lots and lots of stuff. Twenty years of accumulated stuff!

vintage moving truck

So you can imagine how strategically difficult it has been.

Thankfully, a few years back she had the foresight to apply and get her children their Canadian citizenship papers so immigration is not a factor this time.

Nonetheless, with COVID, everything has become infinitely more difficult.

A little sampling of what House Crazy Sarah and her two kids face:

Canada has very strict COVID entry rules – quite possibly the strictest in the world at this time. The border has actually been closed to non-essential and non-citizen traffic for well over a year. You must prove to Customs that you are a Canadian citizen to cross and the only documents they accept are Canadian passports. Of course, House Crazy Sarah has a Canadian passport, but her children do not. By the time House Crazy Sarah found out this requirement, it was too late to apply, especially since COVID shut downs have backed up the processing time for Canadian passports for like 9 months! Her kids do have their Canadian citizenship papers, so hopefully that will suffice, but nothing is guarantied – it really is up to each individual border agent.

But wait – there’s more!

There is a crazy gauntlet of COVID precautions you must maneuver to enter Canada.

First, you must have a negative COVID test done within 72 hours of presenting at the border. It is going to take House Crazy Sarah well over 72 just to drive to the border, so she and her kids will have to find somewhere along the way to get these required tests done. In a UHaul truck, that should be interesting, to say the least.

Then, once at the border, you are required to take another COVID test which must be negative. Then if the border guards let you in, you are required to do a very strict 14-day quarantine where you must be in a place with no outside contact and must check in with officials DAILY, if you don’t, the Mounties will come looking for you!

Then, at the end of the 14 day quarantine, you have to take a THIRD test which must be a negative result.

Since House Crazy Sarah is fully vaccinated, this seems like extreme overkill. But, alas, we live in crazy times so the only option is going with the flow.

It is all very risky and difficult, so this is a testament to how deeply House Crazy Sarah wants to return to her native homeland.

So, as she and her children (and dogs) embark on their crazy, perilous journey north in their rented UHaul truck with all their worldly possessions later this week, spare a thought and say a prayer for the intrepid travelers.

Understandably, you won’t see as many posts by House Crazy Sarah this month.

But, she will definitely let you know if they make it over the border!


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  1. Please wish Sarah a safe journey as she embarks on this huge adventure! I look forward to Sarah getting settled in Canada and bringing us tales of the north.

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