Modern People Who Live Vintage Lives

The Guardian recently featured an article about people in Great Britain who purposely live in time capsule homes and perform their daily lives like it is the era of their homes. House Crazy Sarah read it with rapt attention because she too, lives sort of an old fashioned life in a vintage house.

dressing in 1950's style

But she is not nearly as ‘all-in’ as these devoted history lovers.

Check them out… they are so much fun!


Modern people who live vintage lives

Meet Aaron Whiteside from Blackpool. His day job as a stained glass restorer is not too far off from his passion of living like it’s the 1930’s. His home embodies everything ’30’s and he enjoys dressing from the era as well.


Modern people who live vintage lives

This is homemaker Julie Kelty from South Uist. She is in love with the simplicity of the 1940’s decade. She not only has her house completely decorated with items from the 1940’s, she also dresses the part in her floral house dresses, and reads only1940’s magazines.


Modern people who live vintage lives

Then there’s Emma Preston, a clothing brand owner from Bolton, UK who is obsessed with the 1950’s decade. She lives in a mid-century time capsule house and wears only clothing that would have been worn in the fabulous 50’s.


Modern people who live vintage lives

House Crazy Sarah previously featured a Michigan woman who went all out with her mid-century modern rancher. Heather has the best ’60’s outfits, an extensive mid-century glassware collection, and even uses a retro TV.

The 20th Century was fun, but what about those really old souls who are in love with even earlier centuries?


Meet Claire Hanley from Southampton. Claire not only loves reading Jane Austen, she also dresses and acts like she is living in a Jane Austen novel from the Regency times.

dressing in early 1800's fashion

Claire is a social anthropologist, so in a way, she is doing ethnographic research by immersing herself in the culture of the early 1800’s. She has a wardrobe of over 50 Regency costumes and has learned the customs, dances, speech, and songs of the era.

Now that is commitment!

But being an individual fully devoted to living in a bygone era is one thing. How about a whole family who is completely dedicated to an era?

Like this 1950’s loving family!

modern people who live vintage lives

Meet the Dew family from Victoria, Australia. Mum and Dad love dressing up their boys like 1950’s Rockabilly rascals and the boys seem to love it too! They apparently dress like this all the time and even drive around in classic cars.

Hats off to all these vintage-loving folks who put all their heart and soul into their favorite eras!





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