Are You A Geomantic Empath?

What do you feel when you look at that photo?

If you get a tinge of nostalgic melancholy, if you can smell the sharp spring air and feel the cool breeze through the leafless trees, and the soft moist grass under your feet, you may be a Geomantic Empath.

House Crazy Sarah came across this meme recently and it made her pause:

what is a geomantic empath?

She is definitely a bit of all those types of empaths, but can you guess which one she identifies with MOST?

That’s right! House Crazy Sarah is a bonafide, card-carrying Geomantic Empath. She loves PLACES! And she feels places deeply.

The concept intrigued her so much she had to look into it further. Here’s what one website had to say about geomantic empaths:

Geomantic empathy is sometimes called place or environmental empathy. Those with this ability have a fine attunement to the physical landscape. If you find yourself uncomfortable, or really happy in certain environments or situations, for no apparent reason, you may be a geomantic empath.

If you are a geomantic empath, you will feel a deep connection to certain places. You may be drawn to sacred stones, groves, churches or other places of sacred power. You may also be sensitive to the history of a place and be able to pick up on sadness, fear or joy that have occurred in locations. Place empaths are highly attuned to the natural world and grieve for any damage to it … If you are this type of empath, you will probably need to spend time in nature to recharge … It is also important for you to make your everyday surroundings as harmonious and beautiful as you can. 


This makes perfect sense to House Crazy Sarah!

She has always been one who, when placed in certain landscapes, settings and places, feels a deep sensitivity and appreciation for that environment whether it be positive or negative.

House Crazy Sarah can feel the soul of a place. She can feel the history of times past and it deeply affects her.

cottage by a lake

In fact, she is so attuned to her physical environment, little else matters in the way of her contentedness. House Crazy Sarah has broken up relationships with men because their houses didn’t feel right to her.

House Crazy Sarah has accepted certain jobs over the years because the physical space & location (usually an historic house or building) called to her, irregardless of what the actual job was.

House Crazy Sarah has traveled thousands of miles to find the right “fit”. Take for example when she was living in Toronto, Ontario while she was doing her Masters degree. House Crazy Sarah HATED it! She hated that the buildings were so tall that they blotted out the sun and the sky. She hated that there was so much concrete and so little natural earth exposed. It was oppressive. When she came upon a small patch of grass, she would take her shoes and socks off so she could enjoy the sensation of the soft earth beneath her feet, if just for a few moments. Living in Toronto just felt wrong to her. There was something very off about the energy of that place and she never felt comfortable there. A wise friend suggested that she was like a delicate plant in the wrong soil and so she could not thrive there. House Crazy Sarah got the heck out of the big city as soon as she could and ended up settling in the mountain landscapes of Colorado.

House Crazy Sarah and has lived in many places. And she forgets people, names, and other important stuff, but she has never forgotten a place where she has been.

But it’s not just being in a place. Much like a psychic, House Crazy Sarah can merely look at a photo and get an extrasensory perception of the place.  Perhaps that is why she created this blog… to celebrate places, spaces, and things of old. Here, you get a lovingly curated collection of beautiful, intriguing, and inspiring places.

vintage pink cottage

So what about you? What kind of empath are you?

House Crazy Sarah is guessing you may have a bit of geomantic empath in you if you enjoy her little blog.   🙂


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