Literary House Collages By Artist Amanda White

Do any of you literature lovers recognize that house? The piece is called Jane & Cassandra Austen Tending Their Steventon Garden. 

House Crazy Sarah just adores this gal’s work! Amanda White combines a love of British literature with a love of houses and her exceptional talent as an artist to create these amazing collages.

Autumn Days, Keats House

Above is Autumn Days, Keats House.

House Crazy Sarah can’t show you a whole lot of Amanda White’s stuff because images of her art are copyrighted, but she will show you just a couple to give you a taste of Amanda’s style in the hopes that you may become a fan too!

Here is Brontë Moon (Haworth Parsonage)

Brontë Moon (Haworth Parsonage)

Aren’t they divine?

Amanda calls her unique method of art-making The Fine Art of Paper Recycling. Here she is in her studio, hard at work.

Amanda White Collage Artist

According to her website, Amanda conceived her artistic medium when she came upon a pile of her daughters’ discarded fashion magazines and started some experimental snipping. Her creative urges turned into greeting cards and prints and were soon discovered by curators of a London house museum. It snowballed from there and Amanda is now known for her gorgeous, colorful geometric prints which are almost quilt-like.

Night and Day (Monk's House, the home of Virginia Woolf)

Night and Day (Monk’s House, the home of Virginia Woolf)

To view or purchase Amanda’s enchanting prints, or just to learn more about the artist, please visit her website:


PS…… You may have noticed that House Crazy Sarah has added a new category to her blog – Creative Souls – to feature artists who are her cuppa tea: artists who celebrate all things old and funky (and literary)!


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