1940 Territorial Home For Sale In Tucson, Arizona

One of House Crazy Sarah's favorite places to go when she gets the winter doldrums is Tucson, Arizona. She has visited Tucson several times in the winter and has fallen completely in love with the desert, the mountains, and the saguaro cactuses. This historic brick Territorial-style house on 4.38 acres is for sale in the... Continue Reading →

1940 Dock House For Sale In Stonington Maine

Friends, have a look at this adorable little cottage perched on a dock at the edge of the water in Stonington, Maine. This 360 square foot cutie is a studio with 1 bathroom, and it's currently for sale! A house on a dock? Yes indeed, it was built back before by-laws prohibited such things and... Continue Reading →

Sweden’s Gärsnäs Castle Is For Sale

The exquisite Gärsnäs Castle in southern Sweden is for sale! The castle dates all the way back to 1630 when it was built by a private citizen. Today, it is still privately owned. Gärsnäs Castle is notable for its peachy-pink exterior color. Many people in Sweden refer to it simply as "the Pink Castle". It... Continue Reading →

The Historic Inn Featured In The Groundhog Day Movie

Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, is a 1993 seasonal favorite for many of us old house lovers. The Victorian Bed & Breakfast from the classic film is actually a real place! Although it is not actually located in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, as depicted in the movie. The Inn featured in the film is... Continue Reading →

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