English Church Converted To Charming Home Comes With A Graveyard!

Be still our history-architecture-decor-loving hearts! This centuries-old converted church is located in the quaint village of Chilcompton, Somerset, England. Complete with stain-glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and yes, your very own historic graveyard. This beautiful former chapel is currently for sale for £725,000 (approximately $947,000 USD). It was renovated and converted in the mid-1980s into a... Continue Reading →

The Lent-Riker Homestead: Oldest Inhabited House In New York

“Want to come see my cemetery?” That was all the invitation Marion Duckworth Smith needed to accompany her date to his historic home in East Elmsworth, Queens, New York, near LaGuardia airport in the fall of 1979. The fact that the house dates back to times before airplanes, heck, before the United States was even... Continue Reading →

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