The Abigail Manor in Manistee Michigan

At 377 4th Street in Manistee, Michigan, you will find this delightful yellow Victorian home. The Abigail Manor (c.1888) is a beautiful & successful Airbnb that is being sold as a complete turn-key operation. The well preserved Victorian has a total of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in  2,380 square feet. It is listed for... Continue Reading →

The House of Fun And Color

Welcome to the most colorful and amusing house currently on the market! Interesting and unusual color and design choices in historic homes usually provoke a lot of strong reactions (like hate and disdain). But House Crazy Sarah just feels happy when she looks at this house in Saint Louis, Missouri. In fact, some of the... Continue Reading →

The House Of Sarcasm: Eye-Popping Art House In Portland Oregon

Welcome to The House of Sarcasm - an eye-popping house in Portland, Oregon that takes psychedelic décor to a whole new level! Artist Christine Claringbold and her husband Charles certainly are not shy when it comes to putting a little color in their 1924 bungalow. This fun couple takes great pleasure in living in a... Continue Reading →

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