1830 Colonial Farmhouse In New Jersey

On Ye Greate Street in Greenwich, New Jersey you will find this pristine farmhouse that dates back to 1830.   (Yes, that really is the name of the street!) New Jersey often gets a bad rap in the media, but there are some real historic gems in the state when it comes to old homes. Take... Continue Reading →

Temple Prospect Farm In New York

Not many of us have million-dollar budgets for home-buying. But it sure is nice to dream! This incredible 1820 Greek Revival Farmhouse property is for sale in Skaneateles, New York for $1,950,000. It is called Temple Prospect Farm - quite an intriguing name. This 5 bedrooms, 4 bathroom home is situated on 2.6 acres on... Continue Reading →

The Sweetest Little Farmhouse in North Carolina

House Crazy Sarah almost cried when she saw this 1920's farmhouse for sale because it just made everything feel right in the world - if only for a few short minutes. Located on Olive Branch Road in Marshville, North Carolina, this amazing country spread is up for sale for $236,000. The farmhouse is situated on... Continue Reading →

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