The Villisca Ax Murder House In Iowa

House Crazy Sarah has long felt an affinity for this unfortunate little Victorian cottage. The Villisca Ax Murder House in the rural southwest Iowa town of Villisca, is one of the most fascinating places she has ever visited. Ever since House Crazy Sarah discovered this house about 15 years ago, she has felt a strange... Continue Reading →

The House At Hex Hollow

House Crazy Sarah has long been fascinated with this peculiar looking relic. It is located in Rehmeyer's Hollow near Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania. Locals refer to it as the House at Hex Hollow. It has a bit of a macabre history, you see. On a cold November night in 1928 a murder occurred here and physical traces... Continue Reading →

The LaBianca House of Manson Murders Is For Sale

When House Crazy Sarah had her last blog, her most popular posts, by far, were in the category "Crime Scene Houses". She's not quite sure what that says about humanity (or her blog readers), but her being a binge-watcher of true-crime TV shows, she kind of gets the appeal. So if you are a fan... Continue Reading →

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