For Sale: The Oldest Single-Family Home In Manhattan

The oldest surviving single-family home in Manhattan has just hit the market for $8.9 million! This early Federal-style house was built in 1795, for Nicholas William Stuyvesant - the great-great-grandson of Peter Stuyvesant - one of the Dutchmen who founded the Big Apple. You may have heard that New York was once New Amsterdam. New... Continue Reading →

The Stunning Green House Mansion In Troy, New York

Have a look at the fabulous Green House Mansion - an 1855 Victorian Brownstone In Troy, New York. Guess what? It's on the market so we get to see the phenomenal interior! Listed for a cool $1,195,000, the freestanding Green House Mansion has 12 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and is currently divided into four rental... Continue Reading →

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