1907 Carnegie Library Converted To An Elegant B&B

Look at this enchanting place: an original Carnegie library converted to a Bed & Breakfast! Located in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, "Carnegie Hall" has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Have a look inside... It is priced at $500,000 but it comes fully furnished and is turn-key as a B&B. The interior has 5, 000+ square feet. The... Continue Reading →

Bookish Dreams: Old Library Now A Bed And Breakfast

Look at this amazing stately old library in which you can now wander around at night in your comfy jammies and fuzzy slippers! Gladstone‚Äôs Library in Northern Wales, UK is a 130-year-old functioning library that is also a bed and breakfast. A dream come true for us bookish nerds! Look how gorgeous and old-world it... Continue Reading →

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