1888 Church Converted To A Luxe Home In Lake Forest, Illinois

Another fabulous church conversion! The Ferry Hall Chapel was built in 1888 in Lake Forest, Illinois - a posh, wooded enclave just north of Chicago along the western shore of Lake Michigan. The Ferry Hall Chapel is notable because it was designed by¬†architect Henry Ives Cobb. This church/home is located just one block from Lake... Continue Reading →

English Church Converted To Charming Home Comes With A Graveyard!

Be still our history-architecture-decor-loving hearts! This centuries-old converted church is located in the quaint village of Chilcompton, Somerset, England. Complete with stain-glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and yes, your very own historic graveyard. This beautiful former chapel is currently for sale for ¬£725,000 (approximately $947,000 USD). It was renovated and converted in the mid-1980s into a... Continue Reading →

1883 Church Building Converted To Home In Lawrence, Michigan

Here is a very affordable and funky historic home! Originally a church, this solid brick structure in rural Lawrence Township, Michigan (outside of Kalamazoo in southern Michigan) has been converted to a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home and is currently for sale. Built in 1883 in the Gothic Victorian style, this 2,280 square foot dwelling... Continue Reading →

Stokes Cottage In Queensland Australia

Here's something very unique. In the hills outside Brisbane, Australia, there is an area called Pine Mountain. Here you will find Stokes Cottage - a rare surviving part of Pine Mountain Colonial history. Situated on 8.65 acres, Stokes Cottage was built by Edward Stokes for his wife and children after he purchased the land in... Continue Reading →

Historic Methodist Church Converted To Divine Home

Last listed for sale in May of 2021 for a very affordable $195,000, this unique property is no longer showing as active so it's hard to tell if it sold or not. But that doesn't mean we can't take a peek inside via the listing photos! This beautifully renovated church dates back to 1889. It... Continue Reading →

1924 Church Converted To Stunning Home In Virginia

Another stunning historic church converted into a private home! This former AME Church in Staunton, Virginia is listed for sale for $789,000. The handsome former chapel is now a 4-story dwelling with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Come on inside! The current owners have turned this structure into a gorgeous modern home. Yet many original... Continue Reading →

Nova Scotia Church Converted To An Amazing Home

In honor of Oh Canada Day, let's have a look at another sweetheart abode in good ol' Canadia. This 1820 Church has been creatively converted to a family home, and look how fun it is! Located at 13730 Highway 3, in Dayspring, Nova Scotia this amazing church renovation is currently for sale for the super... Continue Reading →

Old Michigan Church Converted Into A Beautiful Home

House Crazy Sarah is in love with old churches that people have turned into homes. This one in central Michigan just popped up for sale before Christmas so she had to share it with you! Located in a small rural town called Onondaga (northwest of Detroit), this 1877 church was converted to a house by... Continue Reading →

1907 Church Converted To A Home

House Crazy Sarah came across this amazing church-to-house conversion in an old house owners Facebook Group. She was so impressed with the befores and afters, she just had to contact the owners to see if they would share their photos on her little old blog. They graciously agreed! Taylor and Alexandra Abbott are the very... Continue Reading →

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