Bramasole: Inside The Real Life House From Under The Tuscan Sun

Are you one of the many who fell in love with Frances Mayes' Italian Villa in the 2003 movie Under The Tuscan Sun? Or, perhaps you are like House Crazy Sarah and read the book first and was captivated with Mayes' vivid descriptions of the 200-year old farmhouse she and her husband Ed bought and... Continue Reading →

Exquisite 1700’s House On Lake Maggiore, Italy

A little while back, House Crazy Sarah featured Paola and Marco's rustic mountain getaway "hut" in Northern Italy. Now, she's going to have a look at their house on Lake Maggiore, Italy. The home is located in a picturesque fishing village called Solcio di Lesa, in the Piedmont region. Paola explained that the village has... Continue Reading →

An Idyllic Mountain Cottage in Northern Italy

When House Crazy Sarah came across photos of this place on Facebook, she stopped scrolling and her breath actually caught in her throat! These aren't stylized postcards - they are real photos of an actual home. What a life to live! High above the troubles of the world in a scenic alpine setting is this... Continue Reading →

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