Storybook 1926 Venice California Cottage For Sale

House Crazy Sarah loves her some vintage Venice, California cottages that are still in near-original condition. So many of these poor babies have been razed or remuddled beyond recognition. When you come across one that has only been minimally upgraded, it is cause for celebration! Especially when you can get it for the bargain basement... Continue Reading →

Storybook Cottage For Sale In Chico, California

Have a look at this adorable cottage in Chico, California! Built in 1928, this Tudor/storybook style home has been beautifully renovated within. Chico, California is known for its storybook houses. The famed architect Orville Tracy was responsible for the cute collection of cottages in Chico. This cottage is all of 980 square feet with only... Continue Reading →

Storybook English Cottage in California

This storybook English-style Cottage sits on a hidden knoll with rambling gardens and is located in the Verdugo Woodlands - in California of all places! Glendale, California to be exact. The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 1,552 square foot cottage is listed for $1,065,000. That's no small amount but the price tag has already been slashed... Continue Reading →

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