Norwegian Dream House

Look at this breathtaking property! Located in Høvåg, Steinsøya Norway, this 1924 estate is situated on a 66 acre island with 950 meters of shoreline. There is a main 4-bedroom house and several outbuildings. But it doesn't come cheap at $3,117,870 USD. Hey, you can't put a price on a front row seat to stunning... Continue Reading →

Charming Rural Swedish Cottage For Sale

Look at this amazing historic home in southern Sweden! The address is: Långö 9, Stockaryd, Sweden. Stockaryd (yes, that's how it's spelled) is a rural locality with few inhabitants. This home dates back to c.1890 and is located on the eastern shore of Lake Rusken. One of House Crazy Sarah's most popular posts is Scandinavian... Continue Reading →

Scandinavian Houses In Winter

House Crazy Sarah is not a big fan of winter, but she has always had a fascination with the homes of Scandinavia. She is about 3% Swedish according the her Ancestry DNA results, so that's probably where her natural affinity for Scandinavia comes from. But where exactly is Scandinavia? Scandinavia is the land mass of... Continue Reading →

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