Historic Ellis Island Ferry Boat Converted To A Funky Home

This place is beyond cool! Nothing gets House Crazy Sarah's adrenaline pulsing like a historic place (a ferry boat) turned into something unexpected (a house), especially when is it done in a funky, artistic way. This old ferry boat currently serves as the residence of artists Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs, who have lived in the... Continue Reading →

The Little Tugboat House In Cape May New Jersey

In the resort town of Cape May, New Jersey, you will find this odd but adorable little structure by the waters edge. Built in 1910 to look like a tugboat, this 788 square foot dwelling is currently for sale. Fun fact: tug boats have actually been around since 1810. The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom boat-home... Continue Reading →

1940 Dock House For Sale In Stonington Maine

Friends, have a look at this adorable little cottage perched on a dock at the edge of the water in Stonington, Maine. This 360 square foot cutie is a studio with 1 bathroom, and it's currently for sale! A house on a dock? Yes indeed, it was built back before by-laws prohibited such things and... Continue Reading →

Shel Silverstein’s Former Houseboat Is For Sale!

One of House Crazy Sarah's favorite authors when she was growing up was Shel Silverstein. She loved the way he combined his silly stories and poems with his signature twiggy drawings in books like Where The Sidewalk Ends, A Light In The Attic, and, The Giving Tree. She was always enthralled by his slightly off... Continue Reading →

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