The Little Castle On The Hill In Pacifica, California

This house is stunningly beautiful! Built in 1907, this Colonial Revival-Craftsman Style home was designed by George Dennison and Henry Wright. It is located on a hillside in Pacifica, California with spectacular views of the ocean beyond. 917 Paseito Terrace is currently listed for sale for $1,998,000. The western views are breathtaking, but have a... Continue Reading →

Purple Haze Cabin In Big Bear Lake

To say that Purple Haze Cabin in Big Bear Lake, California is a themed vacation rental is an understatement. It is a veritable ode to the counter-culture of the 1960's, and in particular, weed. Once you see inside, it all becomes clear - or hazy, if you prefer. Staying here "allows your true hippie soul... Continue Reading →

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