Camp Sunny Brooks: 1880 Farmhouse & Guest Cottage In West Virgina

Welcome to Camp Sunny Brooks in Hinton, West Virginia! This fun waterfront spread consists of an 1880 farmhouse and a guest cabin, and, it is currently for sale. It's listed at $300,000 - not a bad price for everything it encompasses. The property also includes a garage, boathouse, and picnic pavilion. These early spring pictures... Continue Reading →

1940 Dock House For Sale In Stonington Maine

Friends, have a look at this adorable little cottage perched on a dock at the edge of the water in Stonington, Maine. This 360 square foot cutie is a studio with 1 bathroom, and it's currently for sale! A house on a dock? Yes indeed, it was built back before by-laws prohibited such things and... Continue Reading →

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