Eureka Springs Arkansas Folk Victorian Cottage For Sale

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is one of House Crazy Sarah's favorite places to house-peep. The town is renowned for its quaint Victorian cottages that dot the hilly landscape. This adorable Folk-Victorian Cottage is located on the "Upper Historic Loop" - the heart of the historic Eureka Springs. This is not a huge house at 1,430 square... Continue Reading →

Affordable Folk Victorian In Selma Alabama

In the Historic Old Towne of Selma, Alabama, you will find this attractive Folk Victorian. The home was built in 1900 and is currently listed for sale for a very reasonable $190,000. The slate blue exterior is punctuated with a set of brilliant yellow front doors. So sunny and happy! The home also proudly displays... Continue Reading →

Sweet Folk Victorian in North Carolina

House Crazy Sarah came across these photos of a folk Victorian house in spring and she fell instantly in love! Homeowner Tammy graciously shared these exterior pictures with us. Tammy's home in Rutherfordton, North Carolina dates back to 1874. Tammy tells us: "Here is my dream house. We moved in 2019. I love the Senior... Continue Reading →

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