1950’s Bank Building Converted To Industrial, Highly-Secure Home

House Crazy Sarah has featured historic bank buildings converted to homes┬ábefore, but this one is a little different. In a distinct departure from the quaint architecture of those ornate 1800's classically-inspired bank buildings, this one is a mid-century 10,000 square foot run-of-the-mill office that some creative soul decided to give a contemporary/industrial makeover. The result... Continue Reading →

The Repurposed 1875 Walnut Exchange Bank Building in Walnut, Iowa

Thank you to Shelly T. for sharing these photos of her 1875 bank building in the small town of Walnut, Iowa. House Crazy Sarah loves a good commercial building conversion! The owners have turned this former community bank into a small vintage and home decor shop (aptly named The Vault┬áMercantile), and they also offer tours... Continue Reading →

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