Sweet Folk Victorian in North Carolina

House Crazy Sarah came across these photos of a folk Victorian house in spring and she fell instantly in love! Homeowner Tammy graciously shared these exterior pictures with us. Tammy's home in Rutherfordton, North Carolina dates back to 1874. Tammy tells us: "Here is my dream house. We moved in 2019. I love the Senior... Continue Reading →

Morning Star Villa In Cape May, New Jersey

The Morning Star Villa in Cape May, New Jersey is a one-of-a-kind historic jewel! This beautiful structure was originally built in 1884. It is notable because in 1893, a fourth floor was added above the mansard roof, giving the building a very unusual visual effect. Zoned residential/commercial, the Morning Star Villa is one of the... Continue Reading →

Maplecroft: The House Where Lizzie Borden Lived And Died

This is the home of the infamous Lizzie Borden in Fall River, Massachusetts. Not to be confused with the house where Lizzie Borden was accused of brutally killing her father and step-mother by axing them to death (House Crazy Sarah will feature that house in a future post). No, this is where Lizzie lived out... Continue Reading →

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