The Perfect Little Cottage By A Lake

Every once in a while you come across a cottage that is so perfect in all the right ways, it makes your heart sing.

white living room

Such was the case when House Crazy Sarah came across photos of this adorable home on a Cottage Living page online.

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

She asked the owners – Diane & Greg – if she could feature it and they said yes!

The cottage is located in Avon Lake, Ohio which is just outside of Cleveland.

white cottage living room

Diane explains,

“We brought our cottage 30yrs ago. For me it was love at first sight. Built around 1900, it is one of the original beach cottages in our little town along the shores of Lake Erie. My husband and I have remodeled every square inch of our home a few times. Very lucky to have a husband who is so talented.”


Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

The living room:

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

While the front room is a light, airy, and softly soothing space, the living room is cozy, comfy, grounded, and warm – a natural gathering place.

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

The home’s entire decor is an exquisite blend of contemporary, cottage, and antique furnishings and styling.

cottage living room

Diane provided some history of the cottage area:

“Until 1938 Avon Lake was strictly a summer beach resort. People would take the train out here from Cleveland to get away from the hustle and bustle. We are stop 45 on the railway. The railroad was paved over years later. A lot of locals refer to the area we live in as the 45’s. After 1938 the cottages were either torn down or converted into homes.”

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

The kitchen:

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

The kitchen with its low sloped ceiling, classic cabinetry, and wood countertops is the very definition of a cottage kitchen.

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

Charming and so perfectly put together!

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

The bathroom:

The bathroom is about the sweetest cottage bathroom to ever be created…

cottage bathroom

Diane said that when the cottage was first built, it would have only had an outhouse so the delightful bathroom was a later addition.

The Master bedroom:

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

Tucked under the sloped attic ceilings, is the pleasantly tranquil master bedroom.

cottage bedroom

A cozy nest in which to cocoon!

cottage bedroom

The second bedroom:

The second bedroom downstairs is a pure delight…

cottage bedroom

What is so remarkable about this cottage, is that each room is treated to perfection. Each space is fitted with the most perfect furniture, in the most pleasing layout that highlights and pays homage to the cottage architecture.

cottage bedroom

Plus, the natural light and the way it plays throughout the home is superb!

The backyard:

The backyard does not disappoint…

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

Surrounded by lush, mature trees, it is the quintessential cottage yard.

Perfectly adorable cottage by a lake

How adorable is the tiny shed?

cottage lanscaping

What a gorgeous, beckoning pergola – a peaceful retreat from a hectic world.

cottage landscaping

All of the elements align so beautifully and naturally in this home, it is a true pleasure and comfort to look upon.

cottage door

Thank you so much to Diane & Greg for sharing these photos of your most charming little cottage by the lake!


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