Whimsical Watercolors of Women, Animals And Houses By Anna Speshilova

How about some artistic escapism…

Russian artist Anna Speshilova creates storybook paintings combining all of House Crazy Sarah’s favorite things: nature, animals, houses, and books!

Anna Speshilova paintings

What’s not to love about these beautiful, delicate watercolor and line illustrations?

Anna has a degree in graphic arts from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. She celebrates women in nature with these magical paintings.

Anna Speshilova paintings

Often a young woman is depicted while absorbed in a book surrounded by her furry friends…

Sometimes the heroine is strolling in the woods with her faithful guardians…

Anna Speshilova paintings

And often times, the artist takes us up in the trees with her charming tree house paintings…

Anna Speshilova paintings

Anna Speshilova paintings

House Crazy Sarah thinks Speshilova’s illustrated scenes and characters are a sweet combination of Snow White and Pooh’s Corner.

Anna Speshilova paintings

Anna Speshilova paintings

Anna Speshilova’s art is the embodiment of the special bond between women, nature, houses and books.

Anna Speshilova paintings

For more information about our kindred soul sister Anna Speshilova and her work, see the web pages below:

Anna Speshilova Instagram




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  1. I love your beautiful work. It inspires me to be who I’m meant to be and not what the world wants to see.

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