Live In Sculpture: Groovy Spiritual Retreat For Sale in Woodstock, NY

House Crazy Sarah loves her some funky design and decor, but this place may be a wee bit over the top – even for her!

Woodstock New York Unique Home for sale

It is located in the Catskill Mountains near historic Woodstock, New York. It is a hand-built masterpiece of spiraling confusion.


Why it is so… unique?

It was built by artist John Kahn who was an associate of Jim Henson. Together they designed sets and costumes for The Muppets and Fraggle Rock.

No wonder this place is so fraggle-y!


WHAT on earth is that pouffy hole on the ceiling?


House Crazy Sarah can envision some muppets or fraggles shooting down through the hole. What other purpose could it serve? A laundry chute?

Have a look at the unusual kitchen which features a lot of copper:


True to form, there doesn’t seem to be a straight wall in the entire house.


The current owner, author Dr. Rhoney Stanley who played a major role in the spiritual movement of the 1960’s,  is quoted as saying: “I live in a sculpture! Even the paint is of unusual tones.”


The home has a total of five floors in 2,118 square feet.


The fifth floor has a wrap-around porch with views of the wooded landscape.

Woodstock New York Unique Home for sale

The 5 acre property has several other sculptures and outbuildings including a Swedish sauna, and a two-room studio.

Woodstock New York Unique Home for sale

Per the listing agent:

Don’t miss out on this Spiritual retreat where the vibe is positive, and the mood is chill…Asking $750,000

House Crazy loves that! The price – not so much.

But hey, all this fun fraggley muppetness doesn’t come cheap!





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